Nina Newton

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Gender: Female
Age: 38
Ashland, Oregon, United States
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Skills and Info
Height: 5' - 5'2" (152 cm - 158 cm)
Weight: 101 lbs - 110 lbs ( 46 Kg - 50 Kg)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Length: Long
Skin Color: White
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Available model for:
Implied Nudes
Topless Nudes
Full Nudes

Experience Level: Experienced
Acting Unions:

Acting Areas:

Credits: Rourke Douglas Decker (rourkefoto) Stephanie Schultz (Silversark Clothier) Andrea Glick Photography Mara Arvoitus (VPX) Kathy Berger Photography D & L Photography Tim Pahs Photography Chad Berger Photography Lone Wolf Studios John Keiser Photography (jkphotog121) Andrew O. Iverson Media (1547966) ImagesByJames ( [28191] Jeffrey Halverson (Hari-Om Photography) Andy's Artistic Affects (43780) JD Mitchell Photography Gary Yallelus (Always Great) [1344669] Stephanie Dibble Photography Lee Harwell Photography David Paul Photography Michael J. Cooney (Naturistphotog) [1024707] Richard "Gonzo" Allen Bob Schmaedeke (Owen Roberts) [627032] Joel Stensberg Goes Studio Robert Guttke Moda Muneka Che Correa Dan Anneli (G & D Studio) Bryan Thompson (Cloud Orchid) Viterbo Art College (Figure Drawing Class) Market Street Gallery (Figure Drawing Class) Bruce Mondschain (BLM Finearts)
About Me:
I have participated in a number of different shoots, onstage performance art, and modeling for figure drawing classes and have been told I am very easy to work with: flexible and accommodating. I enjoy adding new and different photos to my portfolio. I have a heart-shaped, portwine birthmark on my lower abdomen.

I am a creative person which is derived, in part, by my diverse activities. I enjoy Writing, Reading, Hiking, Singing, Bicycling, Acting, Karate, Anime Cosplay, Kickboxing, Classical Yoga, Eskrima, Tai Chi and Drawing.

I was recently added as a cosplay model for RedSkye:

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“Nina is extraordinary in her ability to not only take on a role, but also add subtle nuances to it making for a marvelous collaborative experience.” ~Michael J. Cooney

"You are very photogenic, artistic, and creative with a great personality. It was a pleasure and a lot of fun to work with you. I hope we can have many more in the future." ~Robert Schmaedeke (Owen Roberts Photography)

"I would like to recognise models that communicate effectively, arrive promptly and deliver wonderful shoots. Thank you Nina Newton (who filled in on VERY short notice), you are tremendous!" ~Richard "Gonzo" Allen

"Folks, this young woman is amazing. She drove hundreds of miles to participate in a live performance in front of an audience without ever experiencing one of my shoots. She glided gracefully to the background music, followed my every direction perfectly, and finished the enigmatic event with a stunning pose to match the musical crescendo. Nina was simply and utterly and without a doubt breath taking. The audience, the crew, and myself were DAZZLED." ~Robert Guttke

"A short note to say how much I enjoyed working with you and Hari-Om on Saturday. We did 5 hours of shooting, and covered quite a few different sets. Nina: you were amazing as always and we will be running one of the Anti Fur images in the current issue of Cloud Orchid Magazine, the rest to run in the October issue as a series. Hari-Om: you are super helpful both in assisting Nina and in making creative suggestions. Not to mention I love the way Nina's eyes light up when she looks at you, it ads that something extra to the images. i look forward to seeing you in October, I already know what we are doing and have a wonderful time on your trip in the interim." ~Bryan Thompson (Cloud Orchid)

"Nina, I very much enjoyed working with you in my studio yesterday. You are a gifted and very natural poser. Your soft and gentle personality also added to the wonderful tone of the shoot. I did some work last evening on the double and triple exposure images, which are smashing. You absolutely hit the high mark on those images. Here is wishing you everything good. You are most talented."
Bruce Mondschain (BLM Finearts)
Companies: Nina Newton Model Actress Singer
Entertainment Interests: Modeling, acting, singing, drawing, writing, reading, karate, yoga, theatre, movies, music.