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August 4, 2010

Featured Photographer Interview here:
nudeartworld.blogspot.com - Published November 1, 2008
(site taken down)

Exhibitions Appearing in June and October of 2009 on Michelle7.com.


Website: http://www.ajestersmagic.com
About Me:
I'm J. Brian Mitchell and I am a semi professional photographer. I started several years ago, shooting an eclectic collection of subjects, eventually moving into doing portraits & head-shots for fellow actors, some freelance wedding work in addition to product photography for websites. Now I mainly focus on erotic and artistic nudes in the Femjoy/Met-Art/Hegre websites' style, as well as Playboy, Penthouse style glamour photography. I am also interested in bodyscapes, closeups, and other artsy presentations featuring the beauty of the female form.

I moved to New York as an actor/singer, doing Off Broadway work, dinner theater and small run on Guiding Light. Since leaving show business, I rely on my camera as my creative outlet. I thoroughly enjoy taking photographs and sharing inspired ideas with the interesting and imaginative people I have met in the photography/model world.

Please note: I absolutely HATE colored fingernail and toenail polish. If we agree to shoot, I'm going to request that you come with natural fingernails/toenails, or at the most something neutral, like French Manicure or a light neutral color. Thanks.

Also, I'm a graduate of the University of Kentucky and an enthusiastic member of the Big Blue Nation! #BBN #WeAreUK GO CATS!!!

I also have a profiles on Model Mayhem:

Model Mayhem


Entertainment Interests: Photography, Film, Creative Writing, Singing, Culinary Arts