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Yeah -
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Just s fun sexy video!
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Here's Tattoo Model Inked Doll wearing Latex. Shot in studio and in downtown Norfolk Va. At night.
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About Me:
I am John Schultz, a professional photographer in Virginia Beach, Va. specializing in a wide variety of photographic needs from Fashion/Commercial to Swimwear to Bodypainting and Pinup.

Models who are at any stage will benefit working with me. I shoot both outdoors, on location (and I know some GREAT ones) as well as in my home studio. I have professional level lights, backgrounds, killer post editing software and the knowledge to use all of them to make YOUR pictures good!

I work with models on a Paid basis.

My fee is $150 per shoot and that includes the following:
1. Professional Hair Stylist
2. Professional Makeup Artist
3. Photography "Includes"
* Up to 3 hours of shooting with as many looks as possible
* When we're done you help choose images that I edit
* You receive CD with RAW images and two versions of edits:
One optimized for 8x12 printing and one optimized for web.

All models that work with me receive full 'shared' copyright to the images we produce.

I encourage all models to bring chaperones to all shoots. Model safety and comfort is the key! If a chaperone is present, I require both models and chaperones to sign our model/photographer contract as a witness.

1. NO FIREARMS! Yes - I've had a 'chaperone' come to a shoot with a loaded 9mm glock strapped to his waste. I own several guns but I would never be so disrespectful as to walk into somebody's house with a loaded weapon!
2. NO CHAPEONES UNDER THE AGE OF 18!! This includes babies, toddlers, pre-teens and teens. Why? They're simply too much of a distraction! I may 'bend' on this one but you'll have to ask first WAY before the shoot!

Cancellation Policy:

Here is how my cancellation policy works:
1. All models will pay a non-refundable $20.00 fee to reserve my time. Once a date/time is set I require your cell phone number so we can stay in touch. (I'm professional and not going to 'give it out' for pete's sake!)
2. I contact you via phone (email or text) a few days prior to confirm that you're going to show.
3. I contact you the day prior and confirm that you're going to show.
- You CAN cancel up to this point and get your $20 back!
4. I expect a call or text from you the day of the shoot telling me you're going to show.

If a model cannot be contacted for #2 or #3 I send an email. If no response is received by the day prior to the shoot I consider it cancelled and the $20.00 will not be refunded. If a model cancels within 24 hours of the shoot the $20.00 will not be refunded.



Yes - I do the body painting! (even I get creative on occasion!)

For the majority of Body-Painting I use an Airbrush with latex based body-paints that come off fairly easily but will look GREAT for the camera!

I also like to dabble with Liquid Latex. It's FUN! Combine that with Body Paint via brush or airbrush and there's a costume that is KILLER!

You will also see some 'other' type of painting on my port as well - this is just FUN to do - sprayed out of the bottle onto the subject......... Just check it out!

Enough about that - let's talk about the practicalities of painting one's body! To do PROPER body Paint the subject should be nude to start with. If you can't handle that - then please don't contact me. Now - certain things can be covered prior to painting - but, essentially, you are nude with a thin layer of paint (or latex) on you. As you can see in my pictures - I "NEVER" concentrate the lens on any private areas. I try my best to tactfully 'hide' those by posing or lighting (or post-work). It's my GOAL to get good and TASTEFUL pictures!

Body Painting is neither easy or cheap. I'm going to be honest here. One OUNCE of Ben Nye paint is over $5.00 To paint your body with two coats of paint is over $25.00! Liquid Latex is also quite expensive ($30.00 per body application). I cannot afford to do give my skill at this, plus skill at photography away. At LEAST I require reimbursement of paints and materials used so please take that into consideration prior to contacting me.
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