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I'm a film photographer and work strictly with manual cameras. I do the retouching in my lab with pencil and paint process.

I am Currently testing BERGGER rolls of film

I will guide you on how to be prepare for the theme; usually you bring 4 different looks and we will choose 2. I like trying new concepts. If we collaborate it’s because I like your look and you love my portfolio, it’s that simple.

No, I don’t do the re-scheduling thing. I spend the time to prepare the photoshoot, get the shots, and send out edited images to models. Thereafter, the collaboration ends. I believe all collaborations should be mutually beneficial and I love to help new models add to their portfolios.

I don’t have any big policies about bringing someone during the shoot, I understand the uncertainty of meeting a new person in a new environment. I have a long list of references on my Facebook wall and you can count on me to be ready. Also feel free to contact someone during a shoot, I don’t have a strict cell phone policy… as long as it’s not distracting

Please allow 14 – 21 days for your edited image delivery high resolution.