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N.H.I. presenting in KCFW spring 2013
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showing UFFKC fashion show
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About Me:
Making the world an apocaltyptic place! I am a fashion designer/artist with my own label. Everything i make is one of a kind, a design of mine is never repeated. I do alternative genres. Mostly neo-victorian steampunk but I also do industrial, cyber goth, visual kei, fruits, cosplay, lolita, Haute couture, Avant-garde, rockabilly & everything in between. I also design jewlery & hats. My garmets have sold all over the world and i have a patented jewlery design. I am really looking to get involved in more runway shows & publications. I am always happy to do wardrobe rental for shoots and custom orders to make your fashion dream become reality. I recently have been trying my hand as an event producer so far with much success. I am available for events as well.

"No Human Intentions brought a very neo-Victorian sensibility to the runway"
—Metromix NY

"No Human Intentions presented elaborate fashions that embraced the steampunk aesthetic"
—Brooklyn Bugle

"No Human Intentions show overall was a very enjoyable experience, with a “Gothic-Lolita” inspiration and creepy music to coincide with the models who took on a haunting facade with each individual piece"
—Ambassador of Fashion

"The clothing style is absolutely gorgeous"
—The Gilded Monocle

"No Human Intentions’ collection kept me intrigued the entire time. The Victorian-inspired line was elegant, detailed and absolutely stunning."
—Kimberly Loc

"No Human Intentions’ made me think about going to a mad hatter tea party… Loved it!"
—Mimi & Chichi

"This feisty designer is blessed with an inventive creative spirit and the kind of devil-may-care attitude that can only come from being a self-taught artist"
—The Steampunk Chronicle

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Head Designer for the model group: Syber Cyrens


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Steampunk Anachronism II
Steampunk Horologia Festival
2011 Steampunk Show/Brooklyn Indie Market
2011 Baty-Photography Charity Masquerade Runway show
Ashley Rose Presents: No Human Intentions fashion show in Times Square Skyroom, NYC
2012 Fringe Fashion Show
2012 Death Becomes Hair Masquerade Fashion show
Steampunk Fashion Show & Workshop
2012 Emerald City Steampunk Expo
2013 KC FASHION WEEK/spring kcfw
2013 Spring KC Catwalk
Cosplacon Out of this World Fashion Show
2013 Death Becomes Hair Fashion Show
2013 UFFKC Haute Metropolis
Something wicked this way comes/ the dark fashion show & circus
2014 Cosplacon larger than life fashion show


National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
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The Fashionable Victorians, by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
Metromix NY
Brooklyn Bugle
The Book of International Steampunk Fashions, by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
Ambassador of Fashion
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